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Appalachian Barrel Aged Society

Fonta Flora’s Appalachian Barrel Aged Society is a members-only WooCommerce site that sells exclusive access to limited edition beers. Visitors can sign up and pay for membership through the site, and then log in to select and purchase beers through the online catalog.
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Built using WordPress with WooCommerce

This site was built using WordPress and the WooCommerce ecommerce platform.

Some of the advantages of WooCommerce include…

User-friendly, open source ecommerce platform based on WordPress

WooCommerce is a modular system, which means you can add the options you need and forego those you don't.

Available add-ons can be used to calculate and collect sales tax

WooCommerce can be used to sell everything from physical products to digital downloads and subscriptions.

Hundreds of free and commercial plugins available.

Integrates with a variety of shipping providers including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.


Total control over promo codes, group pricing and more.

Built-in payment processing from leading providers

Can be added to an existing WordPress site.