blurFactor is a professional web design & marketing company focused on results-oriented solutions and exceptional client value.

blurFactor is a professional web design & marketing company focused on results-oriented solutions and exceptional client value.

About blurFactor

blurFactor is a web design and marketing company with a focus on results-oriented solutions and exceptional client value.

We began in 1998 with the idea of creating a small web development shop that generates great work for satisfied clients.  Over the years the landscape of our industry has changed dramatically, but much of blurFactor’s success today is due to the relentless pursuit of that original ideal.

The vast majority of blurFactor’s new clients have been referred by existing clients. The goal from the start has been to build long-term client relationships, and today we enjoy working with many of the same clients we started with 19 years ago.

Each blurFactor project starts with a question that only the client can answer: What will define the success of this project?  In some cases the answer is a call or visit from a potential customer; in others it may be an improved business process or an easier way to communicate with existing customers.  With every site we build, the answer to this question guides development and helps our clients reach their goals.

Whether you are interested in a custom application or a website built using an open source solution, we hope that you will consider blurFactor for your next project.

“The biggest differentiator in working with blurFactor is that you 1) first understand the project and 2) then act as if you were part of our organization rather than an independent organization seeking to maximize your own profit.

That means projects virtually always come in on time and often under estimate. Also of great value is the suggestions you make about when it’s time to update/change/etc.”

Bob Penny
The Penny Group

“I’ve dealt with many web designers over the past 20 years and blurFactor is the only company that I fully trust. I can’t think of anything that I would recommend changing. Since day one, you’ve been completely honest about the best way to handle all of my concerns with our web site.

I would recommend blurFactor to anyone looking for quality web design. Without your help I couldn’t have managed to keep our site running over the past few years. Thanks for all you’ve helped us with and I look forward to working with you for many more years.”

Bobby Snodgrass
Living Concepts Home Plans

“I have always had the confidence and knowledge that when working with blurFactor I would have access to the expertise and professionalism which comes when a person really cares about what they are doing as well as caring for the customer.

Allan Lackey
Hatteras Consultants

“blurFactor is a highly reliable source of expertise and consistently excellent work for our web projects. It is our go-to resource for all things related to WordPress site development. We always get wise advice and thoughtful execution. It is impossible to recommend blurFactor too highly.”

John C.
Charlotte Area Marketing Firm

“Worked on projects larger and smaller and you are great to work with on both. Honest, flexible and a great bargain that delivers real value!”

LuAnn Ritsema
Council for Children’s Rights

“Truly outstanding and timely service!”

Michael Workman
Workman Law Firm

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